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Travel insurance

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Hi my dad was diagnosed with grade 4 glyoblastomas last year. We have been given the news there is nothing more that can be done for him and he only has a ew months left. At the moment he is able bodied and alert, only slight side effects with sight and some confusion.

Been given this news has made him want to do the things he wants and this includes going on a cruise to the med and one to the Caribbean. He is looking to go on his first next week and the Caribbean in November.

Firstly I wanted to ask about the risk of him going away at this stage, is it advisable and secondly travel insurance? 

Has anyone in the same situation been able to find insurance and what cost is involved? 

Thank u in advance 

Leigh x

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I am so sorry to hear about your dad. It’s great tgatbyes able bodied and alert and now is the time to live life to the full as much as he’s able. 

The first question - whether there’s a risk to his health - is one for his oncologist. They are quite used to being asked about this. 

The second on travel insurance is one that many of us face. Travel insurance can be difficult to obtain and expensive. You could try asking in the travel insurance group 


I wish your dad happy holidays!