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Hysterectomy at 30

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Hi all, 

I have just been diagnosed with cervical cancer after a mass including polyps was falling out if my cervix. I've been diagnosed with sarcoma which isn't usually found in the cervix. The doctors say my case is unusual and the best option is for me to have a full hysterectomy. I'm hoping someone can guide me with some useful tips on getting through recovery and early menopause. I'm 30 with no children so this has hit me hard but I know it's the best option for my health. 

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Hi Japear89,

Welcome to the community, altho it's not one any of us would join willingly.

I suggest u join the Cervical cancer n Diagnosed at a young age groups. There you will find others in the same situation as yourself.and so gain support from them .

Also, if you put a bit in your profile it will save u having to repeat yourself.

Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
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Thank you butter cup

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Hi  and a second welcome to the online community

I noticed that you haven't yet joined the cervical cancer group that buttercup01 suggested to you so I thought I'd create a link so you can find it more easily.

Click on the link I've created and then choose 'join this group' on the page that opens. You can then introduce yourself or post a question after selecting 'start a discussion' or join in with existing conversations by clicking on 'reply'.

You may also find this information about the types of hysterectomy useful as it also tells you about speaking to a fertility expert before surgery.

When you feel up to it, it would be really useful if could pop something about your journey so far into your profile as it helps others when answering or looking for someone with a similar diagnosis. It also means that you don't have to keep repeating yourself. To do this click on your username and then select 'Edit Profile'. You can amend it at any time and if you're not sure what to write you can take a look at mine by clicking on my username.


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