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6 weeks post chemotherapy

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Hi im 6 weeks post chemotherapy, had major surgery to remove my spleen in January and then chemo for non hodgkins lymphoma,  diffuse large b cell.

Been on a six month journey once I was diagnosed after surgery. Took a long 4 months to get surgery for a large splenic lesion.

Lots of deadlines appointments to meet the physical needs. Now it's over I think I'm feeling the emotional impact of it all.

Feeling tired , very tearful at times , sad and lonely.

Other days I've lots of energy doing everything I need to catch up on.

My family and friends  think I'm better now. I tell them I'm fine and I act positive around them.

Is this normal to feel like this?

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Hello and welcome to the online community.

Just to reassure  you, what you are experiencing is quite normal!

There is a lot of emphasis and effort put into the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, which is good.  As a consequence more people are surviving, but unfortunately since traditionally little attention has been given to what happens AFTER treatment a lot of survivors have been left in your position.  The people close to you, and you yourself just want to get back to normal, which is natural enough.  Realsitically however, you have been through a lot and you are different.  You may get back to a normal, but it will not be the same normal as before.

If your friends and family have not experienced cancer themselves then they will not appreciate how it is for you.

It doesn't suit everyone, but it is often good for People Affected by Cancer  (PACs) to meet and talk to other PACs.  This can be done by joining a  "support" groups of which there are quite a few dotted about the country.

You can find out if there is a Lymphoma Support groupo near you by contacting the charity "Lymphoma Action".

They have a web site  click here

You may also find it useful to visit your nearest Macmillan Information  and Support Centre, (MISC) who offer all sorts of help to PACs  form just having a chat to help with finances.

To find a MISC near you click here

What might be of help to you is to enrol on the Macmillan "Hope" course, this is a six week, 2.5 hours a week covering topics all of which are helpful for cancer survivors and help them to move on.

For further information about the Hope course click here

You can also find out more about the course from your nearest MISC

Finally, "Fatigue" i..e. a lack of energy and low mood is often a consequence of chemo and there is some information that offers suggestions how to deal with it.  Again, a MISC will have this. It is also dealt with in the Hope course.

You should be able to download the booklet click here

I hope this helps

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Hi , sounds so normal for someone 6 weeks post Lymphoma treatment.

We do have a dedicated Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma forum where you will meet folks on the same journey.

6 weeks post chemo is not long in the big picture but have a look at this great paper as it can highlight steps in the post treatment recovery.

I will keep an eye open for you on the Lymphom Forum

Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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Thank you  very much for your useful advice. I have looked into Macmillan support group and there is one very close to me, just need the courage to call in. Hopefully look into the Hope course too. The journey continues in a more positive way.

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Thank you, it is early days and I suppose I do expect too much of myself. I've just read the paper and it sums things up perfectly  hopefully I can take on the advice too.

Joined the lymphoma forum too xx