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Immune system

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I am awaiting chemo treatment for non small cell lung cancer.  My husband suggests keeping isolated during chemo treatment, as he is fearful of me getting an infection. How vital is keeping away from people and crowded places? I think I may go mad if I have to pull up the drawbridge. What advice have others had about this?

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Hi  and welcome to the Online Community, although I am so sorry to see the circumstance that brought you here and so sorry to hear you are to have treatment for Lung Cancer.

Over my many years treatment it’s all about being carful but at the same time not locking yourself away from people.

My cancer journey did require me to be extra carful due to the type of treatment used but I would always say follow the guidance from you team as they know how long your immune system will be weakened.

Some bed time reading for you.



Avoiding Infections

Eating and Neutropenia

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All the best.

Mike - Thehighlander

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Hi Idano

I have a different cancer to you, but had similar thoughts when faced with 6 months of chemo treatment. You are very likely to lose the plot if you isolate! I have found just being sensible about not being in large groups of people eg meetings and making sure people know not to come visiting if they have a cold suffices. 

I made it my business to know the best foods to eat to keep me healthy and also realised I was more vulnerable one week after each chemo session than at any other time. I hope this helps you as I think isolation is not good for mental health!

Best wishes


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Thank you Mike.  I have looked at a few of the links you sent, which were very helpful.

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Hi Idano, with non small cell lung cancer surely you will have pembrolizamab (keytruda) for treatment, I have been on it for 2 years and I have done well on it.