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Dad newly diagnosed

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sad to be on this forum but having read a few posts you seem like a friendly open bunch! 

My dad has been recently informed he has pancreatic cancer . We don’t know yet what stage , he has lost crazy amount of weight and has no appetite

we have been told the MDT discussed his case yesterday and he has an appointment for Tuesday. Does this mean he will have the option of surgery or is this routine in all cases? 

Any tips for what we need to be asking for in terms of treatment or anything that you can think will help with supporting him and my mum? 

Thanks in advance

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Hi and welcome to the community although sorry to hear about your dad. Hopefully you should get some help and support here. Could I point you to the Pancreatic Group . If you post you concerns and questions in that group, the members with experience of this will be able to help. Click the highlighted link to get to the group and start a new discussion there. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi and my welcome to the community also you are correct we are a friendly bunch of people who openly discuss our problems and share experiences as Rily has suggested if you join the Pancreatic cancer group you will meet people who are very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you may have about anything, we believe that no question is too small or silly to ask, if you have one rolling around in your head come on here and ask it someone will have the answer. You also have the opportunity on here to ask questions in our Ask a nurse section and it will be answered by one of our specialist nurses 

You maybe interested in our Family and friends group, through time we will tell you about other groups that will be of help to you.

In the meantime you maybe interested in this  Macmillan leaflet questions you could ask during your appointment. It has a lot of interesting reading and if you scroll through you find suggested questions to ask. We suggest that whoever goes with your dad to the Appointments that they take a copy of the questions you want to ask and have a pen with them to write down the answers, it's amazing what we forget to ask and even more importantly what has been said by the doctor, having everything with you takes away all the doubts you will have afterwards. We also suggest that if during the appointment you, your dad or mom don't understand what has been said politely ask the doctor to repeat it and if necessary ask if it could be in words and terms you understand.

With regard to supporting mum and dad all you really need to do is be there for them when they need you and carry on the way you normally do but I do have to stress that while you dad is going through treatment and possible surgery that you look after you mum and be watchful of any change in her and make sure she doesn't over do things, significant others are often overlooked and no one notices how much of a strain it puts on them and she will need your help and support through your dad's journey. 

Please keep in touch we're really just a big family that cares for each other and offer help, support and advice at anytime you need it.

I hope all goes well on Tuesday.


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