Good news


My Consultant rang me this morning to say that she had good news for me. I had a scan last week and was anxiously awaiting the results.  Apparently I am responding  well to the treatment and some of my lesions are barely noticeable and  the larger one on my liver has shrunk. Apparentlybitsmworkimg well on my bone cancer. All my bloods are very good.  So happy with this news as it seems over the last six months I have had nothing but bad news regarding my cancers.  She rang when I was parking my car and after the conversation ended I burst into tears and punched the air. Goodness knows what anyone thought but I couldn't care less. I managed to get hold of my husband before he flew out of the country for a few days. He said he can go now with an untroubled mind.  Hope you are all as well as can be.

Ellie x