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Just recently been advised that chemo is not working by professionals.

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I could have told them I didn't think the chemo was working last few rounds.

Now referred to Marie Curie project who seem very professional and friendly. It is a bit strange like I have been attending BLAH BLAH hospital since 2015 and now it seems like it is all over !!!!!

They should have something like a wee tea party, whilst you are not going to recover the staff have been involved in your life closely over the last 3 years.

One phone call meeting with the Consultant, then BYE !!!!

I don't want to sound totally negative as I am now on a new journey which may turn out a positive experience.

I have already  had a Reiki  therapy treatment which was very relaxing.

Look to hearing from other friends on this new experience.

Kenzie xxx

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Dear Kenzie, I was sorry to read of the abrupt ending to your relationship with your consultant, this is a issue I have raised with my palliative care doctor at my local hospital. I have urged them to create a better way of transitioning patients from curative to palliative treatment by communicating better with their patients during treatment. I currently have a foot in both treatment and hospice care and at some point will transfer completely over to palliative care. You might be interested in the thread I created called “ how the hospice improved my quality of life” as the replies are very uplifting. I look forward to hearing your experiences with Marie curie.

best wishes 


best wishes


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I am sorry to hear you’re on to the next stage of your journey. It’s good to see you be so positive about it. 
I think you make a really good point. I think we rely on our health professionals so much. I know I do. An abrupt goodbye must be really tough. So the idea of a transition would be really helpful for patients. 
I have been involved in some work around end of life services with Macmillan. Would you mind if I flagged up this idea with them? 
good luck as you move on 


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Hi Kenzie12, I was sorry to read the way in which you were dismissed from your consultant, they could make this a more positive experience I'm sure! Just wanted to say good luck on your continuing journey. I'm sure you will find Marie Curie a much better experience than you expect! Please do take a look at Jane's (Johnty's) post!

Love Annette x