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Pic line

Cutie Mr
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HI I'm on my 7th chemo next week of 18 weekly Paclitaxel struggling with bloods and to get canular in! Not offered pic line yet but fear it can't b far off!  Not really wanting one but can see will b probably easier all round. Interesting to know how others found these both in the use of and the fitting?  

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My picc line took ages to fit, then after 4 infusions it leaked and had to come out. I then had a portacath inserted - 5 years ago, and it has been fine ever since. Good luck?

Wee blonde
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Hi Cutie Mr

I reluctantly had a PICC line inserted 2 years ago as my veins were (& still r) problematic. I wasn't keen 4 this but gave it a try.

The insertion was fine & while it did make life easier 4 bloods & cannulation I couldn't cope with the maintenance of it. I found it very restrictive visiting our health centre every week & the level of competence in the nurses varied greatly. Some could manage it in 10mins but others could take up to 30mins or more - not great when its ur lunch hour.

I also had blood leaking from the insertion site on 3 separate occasions- no one had warned me this could happen & it was quite scary as it always happened late at night.

I endured it 4 6 months b4 asking my BCN 2 remove it. She just pulled it out one day at clinic. If I'd known how easy it was 2 remove I'd have done it myself. She said that was why she'd never told me...

My Onc has suggested I'd probs get on better with a porta cath but as I have problems with fungating wounds on my chest at the moment it's not gonna happen soon. I'll keep praying that my veins hold out as I'm on IV chemo yet again.

Good luck with whatever lies ahead 4 u.

WB x

Wee blonde

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Hi. I had a PICC for weekly Pac. The maintenance is a bit of a pain in the bum but I was coming to clinic for my chemo any way. It hurt a bit going in which they said was unusual but after that I had no problem with it. There was no way I could have had a cannula every week. It takes 4 or 5 goes to cannulate me for a CT scan and I couldn't have endured that every time. 

Good luck Pxx