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Transfering from DLA to PIP.

Tis just me
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Worried sick about this transfere from DLA to PIP and the book of questions I will have to ftll in..I need help

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Hi ,

The forms for benefits can be totally baffling.  Have you a Macmillan nurse who could assist you?  I do not have an allocated nurse but there is a Macmillan nurse at the hospital that I attend who helps with things like this.  Alternatively if you ring the Macmillan helpline (0808 808 00 00) and ask to speak to someone about benefits they will be able to advise you.

When I applied for PIP the Macmillan nurse completed a DS1500 which meant that I did not have to complete all the other forms.

I hope that you can get some assistance in sorting this out.

love and hugs,

Gragon xx

Tis just me
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Hi.thank you for your reply.i am seeing my gp tomorrow so will ask about ds1500.will also basking him about being allocated a Macmillan nurse for myself.thanks for the hugs.x