The cat was the final straw.

Bloody bissum is going to get put up for adoption if she's not careful! 

Sitting here in tears because I've just found she's pissed on the landing carpet, twice, because I've not changed her litter so that it's up to her specs. All because I'm on bed/couch rest at the minute and am not supposed to lift or carry anything.

So once I've pulled myself together, I'm going to have to change the litter in three litter trays tonight so no more carpet weeing happens. Then tomorrow I'll need to carry the hoover upstairs and hoover up the powder I've put on the puddles to soak them up. Then I'll need to clean the carpets to get rid of any remnants. Great bed rest huh? 

Fuck this shite! 

  • Oh Lass, it's usually something humdrum that gets the tears going isn't it?  But you would miss her though, if she wasn't there. Hope you feel better soon and you can rest

    Claire xx

  • Cats, eh? Sorry your Bissum is misbehaving. My friend bought a puppy as she went into chemo for breast cancer. The mess! The state of the carpet! Mind you, she says her little Gus saved her life as he gave her a reason to get up and get out. 

    Big hugs, my lovely 


  • Yeh, they're my cancer cats. Got them after I started spending 95% of my life in my house instead of working and socialising. I could feel my mental health declining from being alone all the time and knew I needed to change that ASAP. Not sure I'd still be here without them.

    HOWEVER . 

    Doesn't make it any easier when they are little blighters and you're physically incapable of sorting it out. 

    I managed to change 2 litter trays last night then took myself off to bed as I was really hurting. Hoovering is def not happening today, as I'm very much suffering from lifting and carrying the trays last night. There's at least 10kg of cat litter in each tray, plus whatever weight of cat waste. So they're pretty substantial.

    Internal burns suck! 



  • Hi Lass

    have you ever come across the Cinnamon Trust? They help out with pets when owners are ill. Might be worth a look?


  • Heya, 

    I don't think I qualify as everything says they help people who are elderly or terminally ill. 

    At 37 and incurable rather than terminal, I don't think I tick any of their boxes. 

    But def a fab resource for other folks. So hopefully they find some help from it! Ta!



  • Hi

    Their are cat people and dog people. Long ago before she learnt better we had a cat. Its litter tray was in the entrance to the downstairs cloakroom.

    She moaned to me how heavy it was to empty and clean.

    One day she asked me to have a heart to heart with our son.

    It seems she had seen him using the cat tray.

    But I was only showing him what to do Dad!

    From then on he used the toilet.

    Years later we had a puppy.

    She did 1&2 all over the place.

    Have you been showing him what to do she asked sweetly?

  • Hi

    Not sure if this will work but it did for us - our cat went a bit senile and starting doing the same, all over the bloody place. We put puppy training mats down in the regular "unofficial" toilet spots that the cat was using, and it didn't stop it, but it did make it much much easier to clean up. Whenever she left us a puddle, we just chucked the mat in the bin and put a fresh one down. You can get them from B&M (if there's one near you) in packs of 100....

  • Oh Lass, I can’t offer any practical tips, only sympathy. I hope you can sort her out soon so you can go back to enjoying her company. 

  • Hi ,

    Just wondering how you are getting on now?  Are you able to get out and about a bit more, even just to enjoy your garden a bit in the nicer weather?

    I hope that you are feeling a bit better.

    love and hugs,

    Gragon xx

  • Hey Chris, 

    Thrre is a B and M just down the road from me. I could have the taxi home from this stupid, I'm assuming, diet class I'm off to in an hour then try and walk home from there. It's a good idea, and possibly cheaper than all of the cleaning products you need to use! Thanks for the tip!

    She's good Maybug. She's sitting beside my head in bed right now as I type this, purring away. She's always been fastidious, and so I've always done my best to make sure the trays are kept clean for their comfort. But sometimes, my health just gets in the way of bending and lifting. The boys are fine with this, and use their trays regardless. The girl, not a chance for wees, though she always always poos in her tray. Wee weirdo she is. 

    Hey Gragon, 

    Still shit. Still swollen. Still sore. 

    I had theatre tickets for Tuesday night, so went to that. Amelie the musical, would def recommend if it comes near any of you! But then yesterday, I was in more pain than I have been before with this, and ended up sleeping through most of the day.

    This is now over 2 weeks since the procedure, and in 3 and a bit weeks time, the medical folks plan to stab me in that side a few times. So I'll, hopefully, not long be rid of this syndrome before the area will be sore again.

    The fun and games we all have! 



  • Bleh.... 



  • Oh no ! What happened? 

    Hugs xxx

  • The abdominal swelling and pain got no better and I was, as of yesterday, 19 days post polypectomy. So they got me back in to be examined, weren't happy with what they found - as in no obvious reasons for it, and no explanation as it should have healed by now.

    So they decided to keep me in to give me laxatives to clear me out, then have the big bosses, who had already been consulted on the phone and were stumped, check me over tomorrow morning and decide what extra tests to run to find out what's going on. 

    However, the laxatives to clear me out? One sachet of Movicol. Lol. That's going to do sweet FA. 



  • There's also a butcher of a nurse here who has no idea how to take blood! 

    There's a third hole in the other arm too. She doesn't get to touch me again! 



  • Jeez ! She really has no idea. Do not let her near you. A sachet of movicol? As if! If it was that simple, you wouldn’t be where you are. 

    Good luck! 


  • FFS!!!

    If you made a soap opera about it all no one would believe you. Please tell me you're not in Jimmy's, but a tiny cottage hospital somewhere in the sticks so we can send in a rescue team....

    Really hope you get what you need today Lass. Big hugs xx

  • Hi ,

    Have you got plenty of ink in your pen for when they ask you to fill in the satisfaction survey!  Why are some people allowed to get away with being crap at taking blood.  I have a blood test every 6 weeks and they can hit the vein first time every time so there is nothing wrong with my veins, the staff on the CT scanner much less skilled, some of the nurses on the wards are rubbish.  They should either retrain them or stop them using needles.

    Try telling them that movicol has no chance but a gin cocktail with some fizz and sweetened rhubarb juice works wonders.  It may or may not move anything but it tastes nice and after a few you feel a lot better as well.

    I hope that you can get out of hospital soon,

    love and hugs,

    Gragon xx

  • Wow Lass, are you sure she is a nurse ? i wouldn't be having her near me again either. As for unexplained pain, i was called a malingerer in not so many words but still got the pain !!!

  • Ah Lass. Sure this is all you need. Hope the bigwigs manage to get to the bottom of things soon. 

    In the meantime ask for the vein whisperer, every ward has one Wink

  • Oh no Lass! Totally shit news...

    Get out soon or send an sos and we'll come rescue you! X