Newbie !

Hi everyone,

Im new on the site and new to online chat or anything like this or social media. Its taken me a while to get round to asking for help as i struggle with doing  so, so please bear with me.

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in Nov 21 and under went emergency surgery in December,  a right hemicolectomy, lymph nodes removed and peritoneal lining/ stomach lining scraped. This was followed with sepsis  and then pneumonia. Once ide  escaped hospital and started recovery from surgery i started  chemo. I had 6 cycles and was clear from cancer.

In April this year my bloods werent right and after a PET scan it showed the cancer had returned in my Peritoneal Lining.  I was told its incurable and after asking was informed that a high percentage of patients with the same cancer as myself have a life expectancy of up to 2 years. I started palliative chemo in June, only 4 cycles and im nearly on my 4th.  Im seeing my oncologist in August to see if its worked and slowed things down. My diagnosis now is Metastatic colorectal cancer with peritoneal disease.

Im struggling this time round, dont know if its the chemo or just me.. The first time didnt seem as bad as i was recovering from surgery, then chemo then i was ok. Didnt really have time to sit and think about things as i was pretty traumatized from surgery. I cry daily, over anything and everything. Ive cried whilst writing this. I thought i was alright with the whole thing and realize now ive just been putting on a brave face. Everyone says   '' oh your dealing with it really well ''  when really im not.  Im not even sure how i feel anymore.

I dont really know what to expect from being on here but thanks for reading. 

  • Hi  Nick (Dogman)

    A warm welcome to the group. Before I posted here I hadneverbeenin a chat room or used social media, except to chat to my two nieces who were away at university. I read the posts for quite a long time before deciding to contribute, so good for you.

    We will now all be with you every step of the way and support one another. That's what we doin this group because we are all on this roller coaster together. We have all been where you are now and a lot of us have gone way past our predicted sell by date. We all have Scanxiety before results no matter how many scans we have had. You don't say when in August you see your oncologist, so I hope you will let us know, so we can support you through it. Keep in touch.

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi Helen (Nan7),   I just wanted you to know I will be thinking about you tomorrow (well today really).

    When it comes to results we either hope for the best but prepare for the worst, or like you, expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Sometimes we are told if you feel bad during treatment, it means it is trying to work, so I certainly hope that is the case here.

    You will be in my thoughts are prayers!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
    1. Good morning Nick DogmanW

    Well what a journey you've had. Welcome to this lovely group. You will find lots of support on here. I think we have all been where you are so we understand what you are saying. We are all in this rollercoaster together. My advice take it one day at a time. Things change everyday. I am treatable but now t curable so I tend to take things one day at a time. Between treatment I get on with as much normal stuff as possible, I continue to work so I have some continuity and it keeps me active.I

    Remember you have done well so far and you still have treatment options, so make the most of what's on offer and do what you feel is good for you. You will always be welcome in this forum to ask questions or have a rant whatever you need you will always find someone will help.

    For now have a good day 


  • Hi Anndanv,

    Thank you for such a supportive and uplifting message. My appointment is on the 15th of next month so ill keep everyone informed of the outcome..

    Take care and stay safe.

  • Hi Hamhat, 

    Thank you for your support and advice. I havent had alot to do with other people with cancer up until now. Just speaking to people on here has made such a difference and thats just been in the last 24 hours.

    Once again thank you.

    take care. 


  • Thanks Annette. I'm sorry buying thought I had replied to you on here. 

    Love Helen Heart 

  • * not buying ...but I ThinkingTwo hearts