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Hi - I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Cancer in late Autumn 2022. I have primary cancer in the Oesophagus and secondary cancer on my Liver. I had no idea I was even poorly and I just happened to mention to our practise nurse during a routine diabetic check-up, that I was occasionally experiencing a bit of discomfort at the top of my stomach when eating. That triggered a whole series of scans, hospital appointments and the eventual difficult meeting with the Oncologist.

The course of Chemo was quickly engaged with and then rapidly followed up by 3 week interval Immunotherapy sessions which continue for up to 2 years. The only side effects  I’m having to live with now is increased fatigue and lack of sensitivity in my finger tips and toes. Not particularly comfortable but nothing to complain about given the circumstances. I’ve also had regular Reiki which confuses me as why it would work but there is no doubt in my mind it has helped. I’m shortly also going to be trying Acupuncture to see if this helps with the sensitivity issues. So big thumbs up from me on relevant supportive alternative medicine as well but would never consider this a substitute to the fantastic treatment I have had to date from the NHS and the support from MacMillan.

I have tried to be very positive so far and was lucky enough at my last scan (second 3 month interval post Chemo), that the primary had shrunk considerably and the secondary was now not showing on the liver.

despite having been so positive, there is always that niggling worry that as the cancer is locked into my system now, that it may well re-emerge again sometime soon or hopefully much later

I have however decided to take my life off semi-hold and as I’ve recently retired from work, get on with things, planning ahead and even taking on a college course.

what will be will be and right now I have no idea where this journey is taking me and when it will end but just now, it’s time for me and my wife to get a decent holiday booked.

  • Hi Dek H

    Welcome to this group, but sorry that you need to be here.

    You sound to me that you are coping remarkably well considering the short amount of time you've had to process everything.

    I don't post very often, but I do read most of the posts. 

    I see you've had some good advice from others in the group, which I'm sure you will find helpful. 

    Enjoy the holiday with your wife.

    Take care

    Helen x

  • Hi DekH  welcome. I can understand where you’re coming from. I too was in shock when diagnosed in Oct  22 with incurable but treatable NSCLS Lungcancer. Life as I knew it came to an abrupt halt. Now 9 months on I’m back doing my exercise classes (albeit low intensity classes) and loving it. Plus always walking my dog. So never give up. It took me a while to join this group as in a way it was owning up to and accepting my diagnosis with all the emotions that comes with it. 
    You will get lots of support here. We are a friendly caring group who have your best interest at heart to be help you along your way. 
    Judy xxxx

  • Hi Pet - thanks for that. I think it’s taken me six months to come to terms with things and now I just want to get back on with my life, particularly now I’ve had the opportunity to retire. We can’t take away the fact the issue is still there but there’s no need for us to let this get in the way of loving life while we are able :0)


  • Thanks for the welcome Helen - really appreciate it :0)


  • Thanks for the welcome Annette - Fantastic advice on the insurance as well so thanks very much for that as well.

    Derek :0)


  • Hi welcome to our group just take one day at a time you will get bad days and good days great that you are going on holiday with your wife huge hugs xx

  • Hi  

    Welcome to the group. I'm sorry to read of your diagnosis but pleased your treatment is working. I have also recently taken ill health retirement, my profile is on, it you would like to read. I've also just had my first holiday abroad since before COVID. We went to Ibiza, the quieter bit! I know what you mean about the future, I'm currently stable and often wonder how things will turn out. But like you say, what will be will be, qué Sera. Which subject are you doing on your college course? I quite fancy doing something like that. At the moment I'm trying to get through my bookshelves. Too many books, not enough life! Keep posting and enjoy your hols.

    A x

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