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I never thought at the start of my incurajourney 4 years ago that I’d still be here let alone doing so well.

I chose young man because at 50 I was young for prostrate cancer let alone incurable prostrate cancer. 

so cutting to chase. I’m after new name, all ideas welcome. Any rude please send private msg.  Im 5 years into my journey recently turning ripe old age of 55. Let the fun / irreverance begin


  • Like it, still young at heart no doubt.

  • Need more info about you!  A lot of us weren't around when you joined.  What do you do in your spare time?   You could be a football club name eg Morton took that approach, a slogan, the name of a famous character eg PippyLongstocking is a member.  You could be Churchill?  Or some people choose a name associated with a local landmark.  

    I'm not sure I agree with your conclusion that you must change your name though. Slight smile 5 years isn't that long ago and if it was appropriate then, time doesn't change that decision.    

    We need input from   because he's good at this stuff lol

  • Hi John, It's good to see you post again! Welcome back but no need to change your username, you will always be YoungMan to me!
    When you first joined I was just over 5 years into my journey and had no idea I'd last another 5!

    Maybe you will be saying the same to someone else in another 5 years, I hope so! Great to hear you are doing well!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi John, well your definitely a young man it's good to see your over 5 year's in, can't see a reason for changing your name.

    I'm only 3 year's in, the longer others have been on this path the more inspiration it gives me.

  • Hi  

    Hello John, pleased to meet you. I agree with everyone, in that, you are still a Young man. I like the line in your profile that reads, The realisation that it's not an illness that gets better.

    I was diagnosed at 52 and was told that I was young to be diagnosed with endometrial cancer and that I didn't fit the usual profile (older woman, overweight and not had children). I don't think anyone expected the cancer to turn aggressive and that I'd be stage 4 in 4 months. My CNS mentioned that my cancer had surprised them at every turn.

    I hope, like you I'm still doing well 5 years down the line. Fingers crossed.

    A x

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  • Hmm you could call yourself middle aged man but that doesn't sound so good.  Or oldie lol. Just stay with young man cuz for many you are!!!

  • Don’t make him live a lie Pet, he must learn to grasp the nettle of oldness.

    I had to so why not YM?

  • @branstonpickle so far the consensus seems that I’m still youngman, I guess it’s all relative.  

  • I’m trying to hold off on oldness until I have no choice (or it’s beneficial b&q discount) 

  • Compared to BP, your definitely a young man. He more my generation.