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My memories, of today are just for you.

You where my hubby, and our love just grew.

We went threw life, and the years flew bye, we had loads planned  just you and i.

The  kids no more, had all grown up, it was our time now, to reconnect, we laughed, so much at times it hurt, two people that where kids again,

Though no one knows, what life has in store, and from no where some one opens a door.

Its the darkest of doors, you have ever seen, and you walked threw it never to be seen.

I held you tight as you went threw, i kissed you lightly, and sung to you. to.

Over the Rainbow, my Love has Gone, a  Beautiful place is waiting Far Beyond.

I have carried on the best i can, you taught    me the things of life, you do not give in, if you wish to survive.

So My  Love, this is for you,  i think of you in everything i do.