Hi I had stage three cervical cancer currently clear two years , will I be more prone to breast cancer now that I have had cervical cancer.

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  • Hi CherylJ,


    Thanks for getting in touch with us at Macmillan. I am very pleased to hear that you are now two years clear from your diagnosis of cervical cancer and I can appreciate wanting to understand a little more about your future risks.

    In the UK, it is thought that 99.8% of cervical cancers are caused by the HPV virus. This virus will cause a change in the cells of the cervix, and these changes can eventually develop into a cancer.

    There’s currently not enough research around HPV virus and the risk of developing breast cancer. There are some small studies which suggest there may be a link however, much more research is needed in this area before we can draw any conclusions from it.

    I’m sorry that the answer isn’t a straightforward yes or no. I’m afraid it is difficult to comment on your personal risk without access to your notes. You may want to consider having a chat with your specialist nurse or doctor about your risk.


    Best wishes,

    Hayley, Cancer Information Nurse Specialist 


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