Mum starting chemotherapy soon, is it safe for her if we visit

My mum was diagnosed with stage 4 Bowel Cancer along with secondary liver cancer, three weeks ago. She is due to start her chemotherapy treatment in ten days time. I live two hours from my parents so usually visit for a weekend or longer. How safe will it be for us to visit mum once she begins treatment? Is there a point in each cycle where there is more risk or less? I desperately don't want to put her at any risk of catching anything. I have two secondary school aged children and I work in childcare. 

  • Hello MrsM03,

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    It’s understandable to be concerned about visiting your mum once she starts treatment.

    It’s difficult for us to say how safe it will be to visit as it can depend on how chemotherapy affects her immune system, and how well she recovers after each cycle.

    However, every chemotherapy drug has a ‘nadir’ which means low point, and it’s usually round about this time that resistance to infection is at it’s lowest. Your mum’s team will be able to say when this is likely to be.

    You may find our information on avoiding infection helpful. You and your mum might like to talk these points through, so you all feel as comfortable as possible about visiting.

    I hope this is helpful, and please don’t hesitate to get back in touch here, or on our support line if you have further questions.

    Sending best wishes,

    Carole (Cancer Information Nurse Specialist)

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