I have previously had cancer of the larynx, and obtained ESA support until I could go back to work, but the cancer has developed such that I have had my whole voice box removed.

I am still in hospital and, with no voice box, I can not make telephone calls. 

Would it be possible, as there are Macmillan staff at the hospital, if someone could visit me (Royal Surrey, Guildford) to talk benefits- what I may be entitled to, and help in the application for any other benefits.

Steve Rainbird

  • Hello 

    Thank you for your message.


    I have an email address you can use to contact the Macmillan Welfare Rights Service based at Guildford CAB. Their contact information confirms that they are able to arrange hospital visits so this is likely your best option.


    If you mark the heading of your email URGENT, hopefully they’ll be able to get back to you quickly.



    Alternatively, maybe somebody on the ward can call them for you? The number is 01483 230849.


    Their office is open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday so I hope you have enough time to send your request through to them today.


    If there’s anything else you need support with, such as information on paying a mortgage or accessing a pension, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. It is quicker for you to use our webchat facility available here  Click ‘Chat to Us’ at the bottom right of the screen.



    Kind regards.




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