I noticed I couldnt swallow properly. I went to my GP who sent me to hospital for tests. For some reason at my first appointment the doctor couldnt see the cancer in the larynx. This  caused an unnecessary delay. In the end after more tests it was found. I complained that one doctor to check is not good enough, or at least a film should have been made of it.

Anyway I was admitted into hospital for a biopsy. Due to my age they were not prepared to do just radio and chemo but also surgery. I think this was a mistake since now my life has  completely changed. I of course had an anesthetic. This caused multiple problems and I would advise anyone undergoing this to be prepared. I had to have a catheter inserted and my bowels didnt work either. The cancer hospital was not prepared for this and didnt know the correct treatment for bowels disorder like St Marks hospital. They gave me enemas and what not which didnt help. The correct treatment being some kind of colon irrigation. They waited till I was almost bursting before inserting the catheter. The doctor who did it was very rough and it really hurted me and I had to have it  taken out  it out and reinserted.  To be continued