So yesterday was an early start , bright, sunny cold and wintery. Off to the local farm shop and greengrocer, skidding on the icy roads was a reminder that it's winter ..., but what was so great was the feeling that life was good , and I found such pleasure in doing such ordinary things , for the first time since I found a lump in my breast i felt properly happy , calm , chilled , not really sure how to describe it , but it was great ! This week would be my three weekly Herceptin injection , but I'm not going to the hospital this week , after 15 months my active treatment is finished , hormone tablets for the next 10 years but no more sitting for hours in waiting rooms (hopefully) Life feels good , and even though physically I am no longer the same person , and mentally and emotionally I have taken a battering ,  I am looking forward to the rest of my life., rather than counting the days to my next appointment.