Can I say it’s been a bumpy ride...scary? you bet your ass it was, still is.

I’m here now, grateful, relieved and ever so thankful that circumstances were in my favour for me to be here, at this present moment.

September 11th 2017 was the date & a page in my life I’ll always remember.

The Dr smiled, asked me to take my pants off, whilst he put on the extra long latex gloves, got a huge anal probe from his desk drawer & a tub of Vaseline...

Just joking, trying to deflect, trouble is giving bad news to people you care about I saw (in my mind) as deliberately taking away their joy, something my friends & family found out sometime after my operation (as I built a wall around myself & shut everyone out).

I’ll get onto that at a later date in my blog I’m planning on doing.

Diagnosis : In plain English a type of head & neck Cancer, primary site was found in the base of the tongue / tonsil, secondary site (which I first felt whilst shaving) under the chin thyroid area.