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Life after diagnosis, living with leukaemia, treatment, hair loss, survival, support networks, motherhood and anything else that might be useful!

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  • The Cheering Squad

    I'm not brave....

    Since I was diagnosed with leukaemia so many people have told me that I’m ‘really brave’, and whilst I’m touched by their comments, I always dismiss them, I don’t see myself that way. But I wonder if I’m right to be dismissive. A few weeks before diagnosis I started some online CBT, I was mentally struggling with a long term back problem...
  • The Cheering Squad

    Does my head look good in this?

    One of the cruelest side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. Your hair is a truly personal thing, part of your identity, so whilst it doesn’t physically hurt to lose it, mentally it can. I was warned straight away that I would probably lose my hair, not a shock, it’s something that most people associate with cancer, and initially it seemed the...