The Cheering Squad

by JoJoJ56

Life after diagnosis, living with leukaemia, treatment, hair loss, survival, support networks, motherhood and anything else that might be useful!

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  • The Cheering Squad

    The Cheering Squad - how friends helped me through treatment.

    Next week sees the 2nd anniversary of my diagnosis, an appropriate, if long overdue, moment to celebrate life and the friendships that have been vital in getting me well and back living life. Diagnosed a week after Donald Trump shocked the world by being elected as President of the United States, it quickly became apparent that, for many, my leukaemia...
  • The Cheering Squad

    The Merry Go Round of Cancer

    This summer I had an epiphany, at long last a turning point with a sign post that said ‘living’. My husband and I were going to a wedding, having our first night away without the children in over 2 years, how exciting! But facing a room full of people is daunting for anybody when you don’t know most of them and those you do are acquaintances you haven...
  • The Cheering Squad

    Hair We Go Again! Learning to live with cancer

    It’s been a while since I felt compelled to write, but 6 months in to a 2 year maintenance programme designed to keep me in remission from leukaemia I feel the urge. Maintenance means I am still at the hospital most weeks for blood tests where I share a waiting room with so many people with head scarves, wheelchairs, pale skin etc, a reminder of what...
  • The Cheering Squad

    Motherhood and Cancer

    So let’s start by being very honest. As a parent have you ever moaned about the school play or begrudged the school run? Have you wished you were child free just for a few hours?  Have you chatted on your mobile at the school gate, or used technology while your child is trying to talk to you. I’ve done all of those things, until the day I was told I...
  • The Cheering Squad

    I'm not brave....

    Since I was diagnosed with leukaemia so many people have told me that I’m ‘really brave’, and whilst I’m touched by their comments, I always dismiss them, I don’t see myself that way. But I wonder if I’m right to be dismissive. A few weeks before diagnosis I started some online CBT, I was mentally struggling with a long term back problem...