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    Part Three - Surviving the Journey :)

    I had 6 cycles of Chemotherapy (R-EPOCH) totalling 750+ hrs, 45 Radiotherapy Sessions, 2 Allo SCTs, Total Body Irradiation and ATG (anti-thymocyte globulin) and lots a various Chemo conditioning - Issues were inevitable. My main SCT Consultant likened the physical process of Allo SCT treatment as going through a boxing match and running a marathon every...
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    Part Two - The Full Medical Journey :)

    Ok, so grab a bottle of Single Malt, get a comfortable seat and let the journey commence. 1976 - Allergy related Asthma 1999 - Primary Continuous T Cell Lymphoma ( CTCL ) 2010 - Thoratic & Lumber Spondylosis - Spinal Osteoarthritis 2012 - Pleural Thickening and Pleural Plaque (Right Lung) - Asbestosis This one came out of the blue. I was getting...
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    Part One - Surviving is in my family DNA

    A number of folks on the Community have asked where my fighting spirit comes from and about my mindset to overcome adversity and look for the positives in my journey? Well its in my family DNA. In 1889 my Grandad Charlie was born. The top picture shows him with his pipes, the tall Piper in the centre of the middle picture and the final picture...