Stomach cancer metastasis in peritoneum. I have something called peritoneal carcinomatosis. I was told on 4th July that my cancer is incurable. The only treatment they can offer me is more of the FLOT chemotherapy. I will continue to have chemo cocktails every two weeks until the tumour stops responding or my body can no longer tolerate it. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster these last few weeks and have been feeling very down. I feel like I'm just marking time between treatments which isn't really a life. There have been much more tears this time around.  At the moment I'm trying to put my affairs in order to make things easier for my daughter when the time comes. To make matters worse,  my ex-husband with whom I am still friends, is embarking on a new relationship with a lady he met on a dive trip.  Diving was something we did together and it's difficult to hear him planning a future filled with diving when I don't have one. It's getting more and more difficult to put on a brave face.