Oh well, my hair has all but gone! I have gone from having an extremely thick head of hair that I have always loved, to having spindly little wisps of straggly, thin, dead looking hair. My scalp shows through everywhere, although I have no actual patches, as it has come out very evenly. I am so sad, but I had resigned myself to the fact that it was going, so I am okay. I have had my wig on all day and the smile I wore was just as fake, but everyone believed it and that's what matters. I took it off half an hour ago and came down to make dinner with a scarf around my head. My husband immediately told me how beautiful I looked and it just reminded me that I am the opposite. I stood there stirring the dinner with the tears running down my cheeks, then realised that I will look like this for a long time and need to just get to grips with it. Wallowing in self pity and hating what I look like is pointless. I have to concentrate on other things like saving my life.