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At Your Cervix

by Gerry85

Thoughts, feelings and general musings on being diagnosed with cervical cancer

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  • At Your Cervix

    Cervical Cancer Blog Eighteen aka Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2018

    I’m dashing through this blog post on account of me realising that it is February and my good intention to update this blog more regularly has already failed. No, hold on. We don’t say failed we say… I have also been channelling this guy: – No, not on account of my adorable fluffy cuteness but on the fact that I simply CANNOT be punctual. ...
  • At Your Cervix

    Cervical Cancer Blog Seventeen aka Trachelectomy Part 3

    Warning: this post references post-surgery bleeding and pooing and tries to provide attempts at humour. My advice for any person who is about to have a Trachelectomy procedure and wants to know what to prepare for afterwards is this: – That’s the only thing you need to do now. Whether this be mentally, physically, spiritually or grammatically...
  • At Your Cervix

    Cervical Cancer Blog Sixteen aka Trachelectomy Part 2

    Last blog post was about what a Trachelectomy is. This blog post is about my own Trachelectomy or at least the surgical part of it and the hijinks that ensued. Ooh, you are lucky things! To be fair, as I was unconscious for most of it I don’t know how long this post will be. I am planning on doing a post-Trach post (that’s a lot of posts) separately...
  • At Your Cervix

    Cervical Cancer Blog Post Fifteen aka Trachelectomy Part 1

    I’ve already written about what I refer to as ‘The Little Op’ which was my Pelvic EAU and Lymphadectomy ( here and here ) and now I’m going to be writing about what I refer to as ‘The Big Op,’ which happened nine days afterwards. I’ve already mentioned ‘The Big Op’ in passing a few times, but I’m going to be writing about it in more detail. And because...
  • At Your Cervix

    Cervical Cancer Blog Fourteen aka Remission MRI #1

    This post is going to be short and, if not sweet, then I’ll aim for mildly amusing. I may fail on both those fronts. Back in January (it’s all back in January) as part of my pre-surgery diagnostics I had a MRI and more details on what entailed can be found in my post here . I met with my consultant and he told me that my PET-CT and MRI showed lots...