Travels with an alien

by Sue456

My experience of surgery, chemotherapy and the future with a liposarcoma of the mesentery

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    Christmas with the Alien

    Christmas is over and I look back with mixed feelings. Happy memories of time with family and friends, anxiety because there is a possibility it could be my last Christmas and slight disquiet as immediately after Christmas I am booked for a scan to see if the alien is responding to treatment. At times I felt really constrained by the need to protect...
  • Travels with an alien

    Surviving chemo: the first cycle

    When I knew I was going to have Doxorubicin chemotherapy for my sarcoma (aka the Alien) I tried to find out as much as I could. The booklet I was given contained a huge list of side effects and the reassurance that not all of them happen. I couldn’t find anything that said what proportion of patients get which side effects and when. Looking back after...
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    Countdown: preparing for Chemo

    It is now a little less than two years after my surgery for a mesenteric liposarcoma and I once again I have a mass in my abdomen: it has been confirmed as recurrent sarcoma. The alien has returned. When I was first diagnosed I realised the tumour was very, very aggressive. So I wasn’t surprised that it had recurred. I felt like I had spent two years...
  • Travels with an alien

    The Red Devil vs the Alien

    I have a recurrent liposarcoma (aka The Alien). I am starting palliative chemo with Doxorubicin. I had wanted to tell you about my preparations for chemo but my techie skills aren’t enough to force in some images I wanted to include into the Macmillan blogsite so that will have to wait. I am going to jump straight to chemo day. Living in Norfolk means...
  • Travels with an alien

    Insider dealing

    First, a bit of background. I have a liposarcoma in my mesentery. I am 62. I am a retired doctor. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Believe me, a lot of knowledge is a terrifying thing in this situation. I had surgery two years ago. It had taken 3 months from my feeling a mass in my abdomen to having surgery. I went from one clinic...