The day has come to discuss everything and what will happen next.

My sister ,Mum and I head up to the hospital to see mr Greyerz (mums hospital doctor)

We get there and luckily only have to wait 5 minutes before we are called in. The three of us sit there and listen to the doctor explain that the main tumour is pressing on two arteries that go to the right ventricle of the heart. this is what caused mums admittance to hospital not a c.o.p,d flare up. The reason mums face was so red and swollen was because the blood flow was reduced by this compression so the face and neck started to fill with to much blood its known as superior vena cava compression (SVCC) also known as SVCS .The mega dose of steroids they put mum on in hospital had reduced the tumour a tiny bit therefore allowing mum to recover enough to go home but it has caused right sided heart strain..

We were told we needed to see an oncologist at a cancer specialist hospital on Monday as they would like to try chemotherapy as a palliative treatment and if mum copes and responds to that they would try radiation therapy to mums brain to prevent the cancer following a quite common route.

We shook his hand and said a huge thank you as if it hadnt been for him Mums cancer probably wouldnt have been found and we would have lost her sooner.

Now the dreaded wait for Monday began.

The weekend was quite uneventful Mum was still swinging about mood wise which is understandable but she keeps saying im going to beat this im going to be positive.