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  • Life's little hurdles

    Should be sleeping - not thinking...!

    I often feel guilty browsing the Mac site and wondering if I trully belong here, but have no where else to vent my thoughts and frustations at a condition cancer that isn't a cancer - if that makes any sense - given that the tumor's are agressive and invasive; can recur; but the big plus is that do not spread; and certainly where mine was located...
  • Life's little hurdles

    Post Op - 6 days

    Another milestone on this journey has now been reached as my tumor was removed last Tuesday. The surgery took a little longer than they'd hoped due to adhesions in some areas; the areas around the the blood vesels were particularly tricky as it began to break apart and it had reached the sciatic nerve too which prolonged things a little. Certainly...
  • Life's little hurdles

    What an amazing day!

    Despite the rain - and there was a lot of it - me and a few hundred others (maybe more) turned up in Winchester for the Race for Life; and it was amazing. My wonderful husband and kids got kitted out in full wet weather gear to be able to cheer me along. I ran all but 2 mins and finished (with a sprint) in 34 minutes 23 seconds (a PB by almost 2 mins...
  • Life's little hurdles

    Operation scheduled

    Well Dr's confident about how to proceed in removing the mass. It's not near any major blood vessels and has well defined margins. He talked about the possibility it could grow back so will need follow-up MRIs in the future to monitor it and as time passes the likelihood for regrowth will decrease. Some Drs have previously tried to reduce...
  • Life's little hurdles

    Results (good news)

    In the last hour I've felt such an enormous sense of relief - I hadn't apprecitated how much stress had built up over the last four weeks. After my walk yesterday I called the Dr's secretary who confirmed my results were in but as he was in theatre for the rest of the afternoon was unlikely to call me before Tuesday. So one more restless...