It’s been 6 years since my treatment began now. I’ve just had a check up and my consultant was happy with everything. 

I still have 6 monthly checkups because of the patch of osteoradionecrosis on my lower left jaw. Both my dentist and consultant are happy with how it looks at the moment, but it is quite close to the first tooth on that side, which has a wobble, and the gum has receded. I’m worried about loosing this one , because then it will be much more obvious when I smile.  I put cortisol gel around it. 

I can eat anything I want to know. I do find I can taste salt more sensitively then I used to, and I do think that I can eat spicier things than I used to. 

I wake up every morning with a bone dry mouth, and all the face mask wearing makes me more aware of the crusty smell of my breath! 

Im just picking at bits and bobs really though, compared with what some people live with this is all nothing.