JULY 2010

Second pre-chemo check went well.  Doctor was to change sickness tablets to take home after chemo.  In happy mood jumped on the scales getting to know the routine – to be told I would weigh a lot less without my handbag and we had a good laugh. My file had to be found before nurse would take my blood so I wondered why I had to take the blood form home with me.  Notice by ticket machine to say about cheaper parking – so my feed back worked.  Then noticed there was something about pagers – which I hadn’t seen before.

Next day received a phone call from chemo department – this idiot had religiously checked time but unfortunately left the June page down from looking up a previous appointment.  Arrived late full of apologies.

Canula went in first time and no bruises after.  Was told the reason the clients took the blood forms home as that they could fall out of the file if put in the file ………… why not clip in?  Nurses were nice and cheerful and treatment went well.  Noticed my surname was incorrect on the Carboplatin – perhaps this was the reason my treatment was late from pharmacy last time.  I found out that I should have been told about cheaper parking, paging and given the after chemo instructions in written form at the pre chemo appointment with the nurse.  I suggested these were put in with the Macmillian package.  This would save time and money – and the Macmillan folder can be handed back for reuse.

Went to pharmacy pointed out correct name and collected medicine.

Early evening I was feeling sick and got out the sickness medicine to find out it was the same ineffective one.  Also realised I had not been given the blood form to bring home.  Phoned the hospital and after a number of goes got the staff nurse who told me to use the emergency number.  I ended up taking the sickness medicine left over from hospital operation.

Then the violent sickness, diarrhea, high temperature and pain arrived.  Not me – my husband.  Lucky I was not being sick so started some days of looking after him, sorting meds for him, and the general nursing and cleaning needed in this situation.  Not ideal when one has just had chemo.  Place is not clean – it is sterilized!

Made mental note to ask the doctor to give me the new sickness tablet prescription at next appointment and I will waltz it up the corridor for collection.  Will also ask for footstool as I had cramps in my feet afterwards.