I've explained how I got here so now it seems only fair to tell you where I am now.

I received a DS1500 form over 12 months ago and am proud to have made it a liar.

I feel fine. I feel better than I have felt for three years. I have enough hair to style. OK, it's pretty much limited to "Convict" style, but it's there.

I have a colour in my face and it's not grey.

My fatigue has more or less vanished. It's still there sometimes at the end of a long day, but how much of that is cancer and how much is normal? I don't know. It's bearable and that's what counts.

I get a lot of leg pain from the Tamoxifen. I expected this would happen so I was prepared for it. Given what it's doing for me, I accept the side effects with little complaint.

I still have a bit of chemo brain - or is it Tamoxifog? I don't know. What I do know is that my husband laughed loud and long when I said I fancied horse box with my roast beef. He knew I meant horseradish but it has become a big joke in our house now. I admit that I laughed as well when I realised what I had said,.

You have to, don't you?