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Dear panic buyers,

So - coronavirus. No hand gel to be had anywhere. People ripping it off the walls in  hospitals. People draining hospital bottles into their own containers. 

Corona is a VIRUS. Antibacterial gel works on BACTERIA. Some of us actually need the hand gel to be able to go about our daily business without worrying we're going to die from a mild random bug. Some of us have crap immune systems. 

F**k you all very much. 

  • <p>Totally agree. This CV19 is certainly showing people up for what they really are. The masks and self isolation etc. are supposed to protect vulnerable people against those that are wearing them, but the idiots think they are protecting themselves. My husband with lung cancer, secondary brain cancer and undergoing first treatment of immunotherapy, totally lost the use of his legs and was in agony so taken to emergency. Admitted into hospital and acquired pneumonia - suspected CV19 and put into isolation where we all had to wear masks, gloves and aprons. I was glad he was isolated, for his own good. The test for CV19 proved negative so he was put back on general ward, still with pneumonia and immune compromised.&nbsp; CV19 rules, it seems, and every other illness is secondary. &nbsp;</p>
  • <p>, Agree with you- what bastards some people are. No thought for others at all. I assume they justify it to themselves by thinking they pay into NHS so it belongs to them and it isnt stealing.But they are presumably visiting people in hospital and know how vital the NHS and all its equipment is to their relatives etc. Same goes for those who bought handsanitiser in bulk when the supermarkets had it in stock - much use it may be to them if it means that others dont have it and can&#39;t therefore clean hands so frequently. By the way, if the antibacterial gel is alcohol based ( over 60% alcohol) then it does work on viruses by stripping the lipid coating from them. There are recipes to make your own, on the internet - surgical spirits and aloe vera gel. Until the stocks of those run out too!</p> <p>Hope you, and all of us, stay safe.</p>