Here is our third blog celebrating Volunteers' Week! It's another guest blog, this time from our reviewer Ruth. She tells her story and talks about being a reviewer for our team.

Hi I’m Ruth and this is my blog about volunteering for Macmillan as a cancer information development reviewer.

In 2014, my dad was diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is a rare type of lung cancer. He became ill very quickly and after a short battle with the disease, he passed away four months later. He was a very fit and healthy man before so no one was prepared for him to become ill overnight.

My family felt very frightened and overwhelmed, dealing with everything from treatment and clinical trials to sorting out benefits. We were visited early on by a Macmillan nurse, and their influence was immediate. They provided us with a wealth of information and practical support that took the pressure off and allowed us to focus on helping my dad and spending time with him.

Around the time my dad was ill, I decided to leave my job and focus on spending time with my family. My daughter was starting school and I wanted to be at home more to be there for her. However I missed the challenge my job provided and I felt like I wanted to do something with my time that gave me back a bit of a sense of purpose. The first place I thought to look for a volunteering opportunity was Macmillan.

I spent time looking at the numerous volunteering roles that Macmillan offer to find something that suited my lifestyle and my interests, and I came across the Cancer Information Development team. I was amazed to find out how many different booklets, leaflets, audio and visual resources are produced by Macmillan, and I know first-hand the impact that this information can have when you most need help and practical support.

I immediately knew that being a reviewer would suit me down to the ground. It’s flexible and I can do it at home, which works well with my busy family life! I have reviewed everything from website text and fact sheets to booklets. And you can choose how much or little you want to do. There’s lots of guidance and support available to help you so you don't feel like you’re on your own. There’s even an online group of reviewers that you can chat to and ask for help if you need it. I really enjoy being a reviewer for Macmillan and I’m helping to provide the best quality information on cancer that will directly help families to get the support they need. Just like Macmillan did for my family.

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