To mark International Nurses’ Day, we thought we’d introduce you to one of the nurses working in our team. Happy nurses’ day, Hilary!

'Thanks very much. And happy birthday Florence Nightingale.'

So what do you do in Macmillan?
'Well, I work in the team that produces Macmillan’s cancer information. That’s the information written for people who are affected by cancer in some way. It covers different cancer types, cancer treatments and living and coping with cancer. You can find it on the information and support bit of our website, or you can order online. Sometimes I’m making sure our information is up to date. Sometimes I’m helping develop new information.'

What’s it like to be an information development nurse?
'It’s a different way of using my nursing knowledge and experience. Before Macmillan, I worked as a cancer nurse in an outpatient ward. I often used Macmillan’s information with the people I supported through cancer treatment. I didn’t ever expect to be helping write it! But having that experience helps me understand what people might ask and what they might be feeling as they look for information.'

What’s on your computer screen right now?
'Apart from these questions? Mmmm, a copy of our Understanding brain tumours booklet and a lot of research, guidelines and articles about brain tumours. I’ll be working on the next edition of that booklet so I’m reading up. And a webpage about the Macmillan Move More Step Count Challenge. It’s a team pedometer challenge that runs for 8 weeks. I was checking whether I’m keeping up with the rest of my team... I’m in the lead (but I don’t think the others have entered their step totals yet!).'

What’s the best bit about being a nurse?
'Giving people what they need to feel more in control of their health and care. In previous jobs, that might’ve been about getting someone the right equipment, advice or treatment at the right time. In this job it’s about providing clear, relevant, evidence-based information that real people can use in real situations.'

What’s the best bit about working with the information team?
'It’s a great team – friendly, supportive and enthusiastic.'

Can we have your photo for this post?
'Well OK.... here’s one of some of the information nurses eating tiny cupcakes in the Glasgow office.

And here’s Kim’s video where she talks about being a nurse on the Macmillan Support Line. That’s another team in Macmillan that includes a group of nurses. They are a talented bunch and do an amazing job supporting people affected by cancer over the phone and by email. You should take a look!' 

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