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This blog will give you regular, high-quality information about cancer. You'll also get to meet the info team and get updates on our projects. We hope you find it useful. And if there are any topics you'd like us to blog about, just let us know.

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    Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - Cedric's story

    This is the second blog for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month written by a Macmillan volunteer reviewer. Today’s blog is written by Cedric. He writes about the difficulties caused by the late effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer, and how he is still able to lead an active life and give back. My name is Cedric. I live in Greater Manchester. I...
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    National Conversation Week - What not to say

    This week is National Conversation Week. It aims to encourage everyone in the UK to try to engage with those around them. It can be difficult to know what to say to someone with cancer, but it’s also helpful to know what not to say. In today’s blog, editor Amy-Louise shares some things to avoid saying to someone you know who has cancer. National Conversation...
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    Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - Symptoms

    March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Our cancer information development nurse, Hilary, explains why the focus this year is on knowing the symptoms of ovarian cancer. More than 7000 women a year in the UK are diagnosed with ovarian cancer (cancer of the ovary). Unfortunately, it’s a cancer that tends to be diagnosed in the later or more advanced...
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    No-Smoking Day - 10 tips for preparing to stop

    National No-smoking Day can make many people think about stopping smoking. In this blog information development nurse Teri shares 10 top tips for preparing yourself to stop. After being diagnosed with cancer, many people want to make positive changes to their lives. This often includes thinking of ways to live a healthier lifestyle . If you are a...
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    Mother’s Day – finding support and information

    Mother’s Day can be a difficult and emotional day for many people. In this blog, our intern Emily talks about how families can be affected by cancer and where to find support. For many, Mother’s Day can be a challenging time. It may be your first year without a loved one or a time of uncertainty for your family. Whatever your situation, you are not...