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This blog will give you regular, high-quality information about cancer. You'll also get to meet the info team and get updates on our projects. We hope you find it useful. And if there are any topics you'd like us to blog about, just let us know.

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    Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - Alan's story

    This Prostate Cancer Awareness Month we’ll be sharing two blogs stories written by our volunteer cancer information reviewers about their experience with prostate cancer. In this first blog, Alan shares his story of advanced prostate cancer and how his support network and positive outlook have helped him cope with cancer. Prior to summer 2015 I had...
  • Macmillan's cancer information

    World Book Day - Children's books about cancer

    Today, on World Book Day, every child in full-time education in the UK receives a £1.00 book voucher. We wanted to share some good quality books about cancer or bereavement, for children to read on their own or with a trusted adult. In this blog, our Information Materials Researcher Sue Hawkins explains why and how we review children’s books about cancer...
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    Rare Disease Day 2018 - Information about rare cancers

    February 28th is Rare Disease Day. It aims to raise awareness about rare diseases, including rare cancers, and the impact they can have on people’s lives. About one in five people with cancer in the UK (20%) have a rare cancer. In this blog, editor Sadie takes a look at what rare cancers are and the extra challenges having a rare cancer can bring...
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    Being diagnosed with an HPV-related cancer

    What does it mean if you’re diagnosed with an HPV-related cancer? In this blog, information development nurse Hilary answers some FAQs. What is HPV? HPV stands for the h uman p apilloma v irus. It’s actually a family of viruses that affect different areas of the body in different ways. These viruses are very common and rarely cause any long-term damage...
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    How to find safe health information on the internet

    Today’s blog is a guest post from Edward Wallace, Information Specialist in Macmillan’s Support Line Services. In the blog, he talks about finding reliable and helpful health information online. For many of us, the easiest and quickest way to find answers to our questions is to search on the internet, whether we want to know how to lose weight, how...