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This blog will give you regular, high-quality information about cancer. You'll also get to meet the info team and get updates on our projects. We hope you find it useful. And if there are any topics you'd like us to blog about, just let us know.

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  • Macmillan's cancer information

    Your stories – bringing our information to life

    In this blog post, we talk about the power of your stories and why we include them in our information. We also let you know about some upcoming guest posts. Your stories can help people see that others have been there too, and that can be really reassuring. Including your experiences helps bring our information to life and engage readers. Rocio...
  • Macmillan's cancer information

    2016 MacTakeover

    In this blog, our editorial assistant Amy-Louise shares some snaps and stats about our Macmillan Takeover day. Yesterday over 440 members of Macmillan staff helped to light London green for our annual Mac Takeover day. This is an annual event where the Metropolitan Police allow Macmillan staff the opportunity to fundraise across the streets of London...
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    Talking to children and teenagers if you have cancer

    If you’re a parent, being told you have cancer can bring with it an extra wave of questions and emotions about your children. You may feel anxious about telling them or even whether to tell them. You may immediately think about what will happen to them if you don’t get better. Or you may wrack your brains to come up with an explanation of...
  • Macmillan's cancer information

    Travel and cancer

    If you’re affected by cancer, a holiday can be a chance to put the illness and any treatment behind you, relax and spend time with the people you love. Being in the middle of treatment doesn’t always mean you can’t travel. It may still be possible to plan some time away. Your cancer specialist can tell you if this might be possible...
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    Part 2: Cancer prevention – are you confused?

    It’s common to sometimes feel confused or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of different cancer prevention messages. What should we be doing – and not doing – to help reduce our risk? In the second of our two part blog about cancer prevention, we discuss some of the things that probably aren’t going to make any difference to...