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This blog will give you regular, high-quality information about cancer. You'll also get to meet the info team and get updates on our projects. We hope you find it useful. And if there are any topics you'd like us to blog about, just let us know.

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    Travel and cancer - What to know before you go

    It's summer, and everyone loves going on holiday. A holiday can improve your mood, make you feel relaxed and allow you to spend quality time with your family and friends. This can be especially important if you have cancer. There’s a lot for anyone to think about and plan before a holiday. There can often be more if you have cancer. In this blog,...
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    International Youth Day

    August 12th is International Youth Day. This year, the focus is on safe spaces for youth. In today’s blog, content developer Ella looks at safe places where young carers can go if they need more information and support. What is a young carer? A young carer is someone who is under the age of 18 who spends time looking after someone who is ill. Young...
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    What makes perfect patient information?

    The Patient Information Forum (PIF) recently published a report about the perfect patient information journey. It was launched at a conference last week, with a banner saying: “Patient information is more than just a leaflet”. At Macmillan, we strongly agree. We do have a big range of over 170 booklets and leaflets, but they are only one part of what...
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    Macmillan Takeover 2018

    On Thursday, the 12 th July, our annual fundraising event, MacmillanTakeover, took place across the streets of London. In this blog, Editor Amy will talk about what Macmillan Takeover is and how the money we raised can make a difference. What is Macmillan Takeover, I hear you ask? On one day every year, the Metropolitan Police grant Macmillan staff...
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    Current news - HPV vaccines for boys

    HPV vaccines have been in the news a lot recently. Currently, the NHS offers HPV vaccination to girls aged 12 to 13 years old. But recent campaigns have been calling for the vaccination to also be offered to boys. Last Tuesday, the government announced the decision to start vaccinating boys aged 12 to 13 against HPV. In this blog, we'll explain what...