My beautiful people 5

I find it worrying the good ‘people’ in my life have not had long lives. Sandra 52, Martine 58, my Dad 72, mum who is on the brink now only 78 and daisy should have had another 3 to 4 years not just the 9 she had.      But then I think of those blessings they all gave to me and just wonder at how marvellous they all have been for me. I worry about my new wonderful partner and constantly watch for signs of something bad illness that is going to take her away from me. I feel I am here to care for people, but it is getting very draining to have to watch them struggle and pass away before their time. And the unfairness of these wonderful people having their lives cut short when there are so many old rotters out there! When Martine died a neighbour said to me they world needs more Martinez’s, not less’.  So true.  But these are fleeting thoughts. I am here with another wonderful person, I have a wonderful life, I’m alive and must and will make the most of every precious moment. So it’s not a bad thing to occasionally get sad about my lost loves, it makes me quickly realise how lucky I am to be me, not in a big headed ‘what a great guy I am way’, more how blessed I have been when so many are not!

  • Hi sue by ....  many thanks for your lovely comments, it is great to hear from people who, sadly through their own life experiences, understand the situation we find ourselves in when we lose a love in our lives. You have had a very tough time over the years but so pleased you have found a wonderful new partner of 20 years. Certainly I have learned to extract the most joy from my life as possible. It is commonly said, live every minute like it’s your last, but only those who have suffered lose of a loved one, I believe, truly appreciate the urgency to do that. Sorry to hear of your breast cancer and hope your treatment is going well and the chemo isn’t having side effects for you. All the best, good luck and keep smiling.

  • Hello MrT1 - I am writing to you as I too have lost lots of wonderful people in my life (I am now going through breast cancer treatment myself but that is nothing to do with my comments here) my mum when I was 16, my dad a few years later,  daughters both have disabilities, i got divorced and then just before I was to re-marry sadly he passed away totally unexpectedly.  Through this loss I became great friends with one of his friends whom I had not known.  In time we became "an item", we have now been together for 20 years, married for 3; he is a wonderful man, I have a wonderful life.  Really I guess I just wanted to say enjoy your new partner, as we both know life is too short to spend it worrying....  I am sure you are a great guy and I am also sure your partner thinks the same.  Look on the bright side as much as you are able to; my latest bright side is that because of chemo I know longer have to faff about going to the hairdressers and I am saving money into the bargain!  Take care of yourself.