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Metastatic Melanoma 2015 and onwards

Metastatic Melanoma, targeted therapy and Immunotherapy and life moving on.

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  • Metastatic Melanoma 2015 and onwards

    Christmas Quirky - Decembers biopsy results.

    Well biopsy day arrived and the doctor explained he would be taking several samples and one for the trial. Last March I signed up to the mel resist trial when my lymph node increased in size last March and I’d been on Pembrolizumab for 9 months, so they could take my node to look at what was different about it that it wasn’t reacting. As this was a...
  • Metastatic Melanoma 2015 and onwards

    November 2019 Blip

    I’ve been meaning to do an update for a few weeks now while it was still November. My scan was set for 6/11 and in October I felt a lump come up in my groin, I was sure it was a lymph node near to the one that was removed in my groin in March. I pointed it out a week later at my oncology appointment and as my scan was 2 weeks later and nodes can go...
  • Metastatic Melanoma 2015 and onwards

    September 2019 - still no measurable disease, moving forward.

    Well there’s nothing quite like a funeral and your own scan results to make you look at yourself and what you are going to do going forward. I said in my last blog I had no sweeping statement about the future and I suppose I still don’t. My cousins funeral was in May and it was very touching the church was packed and the crematorium was overflowing...
  • Metastatic Melanoma 2015 and onwards

    May 2019 - No measurable disease

    Well there you have it in the title No measurable disease, let’s hope this is the start of remaining clear for a long time. To recap this last cancer episode, in April 2018 a scan showed an enlarged lymph node so it was suggested by an oncologist I had never seen before that I should have surgery to take it out. However logical it may seem to anyone...
  • Metastatic Melanoma 2015 and onwards

    March 2019 Surgery on rogue lymph node.

    Dear blog/diary, I went to the Monday appointment and met the surgeon consultant who specialises in melanoma (and probably other stuff) to be honest it was unnerving. In my February blog which I’ve just read back I seemed to have my thoughts together of what I was scared of and why I felt I was feeling unnerved, in a 10 minute consultation it’s hard...