When its your mum...

So this is my first blog im dyslexic so please excuse my spelling and grammer..

I want to say so many things ,my head just cant make scence how life can be so cruel to one of the best. Yes shes my mum but shes also my brother friends mum and my partners mum shes mum to all the people shes nursed amd never forgotten to the homless man she talkes to everyday and to the neighbours she never forgets ..im 31 ive got a 3 year old daughter i live 9 doors down from my mum because shes my best friend we were told last july its stage 4 the words no one wants to hear when you have only just found out you have cancer ...were struggeling now we have clung on one failed round of chemo another round abrubtly paused for a long waited check for skin cancer and shes back on those drugs again this time were all weaker anxiety meds up for me as a global eepedemic and loosimg jobs hits us to shes getting so much weaker can some one tell me how i do this how be the strong one because im just not sure i can do this without my mum x

  • My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She was meant to start chemo day of lockdown. Instead she got radiotherapy and has been on herceptin ever since. She found another lump couple of weeks ago so we've got hospital tomorrow to see what's going on. The point is I feel like you I understand exactly how your feeling. But the way I keep strong in front of mum is I think back as to all the times growing up mum stayed strong for me. Never shed a tear in front of me regardless what was happening in our life's. So I dig deep and show mum the strength she showed me. Dnt get me wrong I cry my eyes out when I'm not with her. You need to let it out. Then dust yourself down deep breath. x