Last week I was told that the results of my latest CT scan showed a Complete Response and that I would now stop my ongoing immunotherapy treatment around 9 months earlier than the planned two year course.

Complete Response is defined as - The term used for the absence of all detectable cancer after your treatment is complete response (CR). Complete response doesn't necessarily mean that you are cured, but it is the best result that can be reported. It means the cancerous tumor is now gone and there is no evidence of disease.

I will now continue to have CT scans at regular intervals over the next three years to keep a check. 

I’m writing this blog because when I faced the start of immunotherapy treatment back in late 2018 I was pretty nervous, worried about the side effects, the damage it would do, and of course if it would work. It was an agonising time, but there was no alternative, I had multiple lesions in my lungs, the largest of which were 16mm in size.

Throughout my cancer journey I’d tried to prepare myself to be strong enough to face it, quite a rigorous regular exercise regime, a mainly vegetarian diet, daily doses of manuka honey and goji berries, a positive mental outlook, helped by studying philosophies like Stoicism and Zen, and meditation to keep a calm mind.

That was my part, all I could do, the rest was down to treatment, the monthly infusions of Nivolumab. I don’t know to what degree any of my preparation helped, but I have gone through immunotherapy with little reaction. It’s taken the pigment out of my hair and skin so I’ve gone quickly to grey/white, and I’ve had some ongoing itchiness on my arms and legs, but that’s a small price to pay for getting rid of the cancer.

This treatment of course can affect different people in different ways, all I can offer is my own case. In my opinion if anyone is facing this now, do trust and believe in this treatment, and consider what you can do yourself to help it succeed. I think we can play a bigger part than we might believe we can, by our mindset and our actions. Immunotherapy is the science we must be very thankful for, but the hidden science is what is within us to help it to succeed.

  • <p>Thats good news&nbsp;<a class="internal-link view-user-profile" href="/members/ktathome">KTatHome</a>&nbsp;I&#39;m pleased it&#39;s going well.</p>
  • <p>Yes thank you Tim, I went back onto Pembro in June 2018, my next dose is Friday still manageable and responding.</p>
  • <p>Thanks&nbsp;<a class="internal-link view-user-profile" href="/members/ktathome">KTatHome</a>&nbsp;I hope it is manageable for you and treatable again :-)</p>
  • <p>I&rsquo;m really really pleased to hear this Tim, I hope your complete response is a very very long one.</p> <p>My own complete response after coming off immunotherapy Pembrolizumab a year early lasted one year, but it has only been localised recurrences in my groin nodes. It was the best feeling coming off treatment and being no evidence of disease. I count myself very lucky for a complete response, and a touch unlucky for it not remaining so.&nbsp;</p> <p>Congratulations&nbsp;</p>
  • <p>Thanks&nbsp;<span>&nbsp;</span><a class="internal-link view-user-profile" href="/members/latchbrook">latchbrook</a>&nbsp;and yes of course I&#39;ll do that :-)</p>