Cryotherapy Ablation Right Kidney

Hello All,

I recently underwent Renal Cryotherapy ablation of a relatively small T1a tumour on my right kidney. It has been 3 weeks since my procedure which seems to have gone well.I was treated at The Gartnavel hospital in Glasgow on the 27th of October. I Spent 2 nights in hos[ital,one night before and one night after my surgery.

I was placed under general anaesthetic and my procedure lasted a total of 2hrs and 30 mins approximately. Three Ice/Thaw  cycles were performed in which my consultant said " A good Ice ball was achieved on every cycle " . 

My recovery has been fairly straight forward, quite bad nausea after the GA and for a few days after I did feel quite queazy.No real pain to speak of and took things really easy for the first week.I have to wait now for my 3 month follow up MRI and then repeated at 6 month and then 4 annual MRI's thereafter.

I had chosen partial robotic nephrectomy as my first choice, due to waiting lists for surgery being so long, the descision was taken out of my hands and I wa s basically told I had no choice other than to have open surgery, which of course they new I would reject.I am though now happy with having had the procedure. 

I am hopeful about the long term prospects, not worrying about what may be " Que sera Sera " as they.

Post Note: Weeks after my diagnosis last march, my Beautiful, kind and Gentle Mother was diagnosed with a large cancerous mass in her abdomen.After tests it was found that the cancer had metastasised into her bones in many places.My Mum opted for palliative care, only as any surgery would not have made any great difference to her long term prospects.

My Mum Joan ( Mitchell ) McGeechan Died in her local cottage Hospital in Girvan South Ayrshire on the 8th of August 2020.She showed such courage and fortitude throughout her life in all things and as she did with this horrible disease.I owe her a debt of gratitude for raising me to be as good a person as could be possible, she was my Hero, my Everything and I miss her so.!