So I thought I’d blog weekly about the obvious and also my random lovely little life.

Lets start with a treatment update - so today I completed my fifth cycle of palbociclib. For those of you that don’t know about it - it’s a tablet I take for three weeks a month with a week off. I started it in January - had a three month break due to COVID and am now back on it.

This latest cycle has been unremarkable - I’m a bit tired, lose a little bit of hair overnight and boy are my knees and legs achy in the morning! But this I’m told is due to the hormonal treatment I’m on which includes letrozole and zoladex. I get hot flashes too! Such fun.

I am speaking to my oncologist next week following a blood test next week at the gp surgery. I’m anticipating my neutrophils will be low so I might get an extra week off.

i have a zoladex jab tomorrow which isn’t exactly comfortable and hurts my stomach a bit but I plan to eat a cupcake after and have coffee in a new cafe nearby to commiserate!

i mostly find the admin and appointments a bit annoying but most my month is free and I set aside time to deal with what I call the cancer box.

Elsewise I’m ok - enjoying the sun. I’ve found some great new music on Spotify and am listening to books on audible and reading via kindle. I find having daily things to look forward to helps. I also do daily affirmations and meditation and go for a walk.

I have started couch to 5 k - it’s not easy at all! My bones aren’t good so I’ve managed about half of day 1 three times this last week - better than nothing I guess.

My husband and I are planning a weekend away eek - bit scared but need to try.

anyway - short but sweet!