Saw my consultant today, he went over everything again from when i first saw him. I decided he had forgotten who i was and didnt remember any of our previous consultation.  The bit  i really wanted to know i had to remind him about.............................. did the MRI show any cancer in my lymph nodes?

O yes he said i  almost forgot that, it was negative, i breathed a sigh of relief although the tumors are much bigger than they first thought, well who gives a dam whatever they are getting the old heave ho!!!! and soon

so another hurdle done and yet more outpatient appointments next week, o god why do the days feel like weeks.  aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

On the upside we discussed breast reconstruction and that was funny........... so many options to choose from, but with my ample bosoms they doubt an implant will do the trick unless of course i  opt for the Jordan type but i dont think they are on offer lol

Even  better than that we could use the tram flap technique? errr hello what is that, o of course use  the excess off my also ample belly,  (always wanted a tummy tuck but please how extreme) or of course the back flap technique, nice......... not, but so much easier. do i like my full bosoms i was asked. well i had em l a long time so kind of attached but if your offering a nice new pair of pert ones i'll take them ta.

Oncologist next wednesday lets see what that will bring, the op seems so far away i dont want to be impatient but i just cant help it.  I want my new boob and I want it now (selfish madam!)

Despite it all my positivity is in tact  and my macland mates are just what the doctor ordered.