The beginning.

At some point in the summer of 2019 I started to notice a feeling of something stuck in my throat. Having a look in the mirror was a bit tricky and although my right tonsil was swollen i didn't pay much attention. I should say I suffered from bad tonsil infections in my youth and when I saw it swollen again I didn't pay much attention. I gargled with salt water for a week or so, then had another look. 

This time there was definitely something on my tonsil - something that could only be called a lump. Well you don't think the best do you - even though at this time I knew nothing about HPV16 (well very little) and the risk to men my age from this type of cancer.

I didn't stick my head in the sand, instead I went and made an appointment with my GP. This took about 10 days and so on the 25th June I sat down in the surgery and explained the issue. Basically she took one look at it and immediately referred me to the local hospital, under the emergency cancer referral guidelines.

That was obviously a bit of a shock. I'm young (ish) healthy, never been in hospital or even had a serious illness before. 

I was speedily referred to the hospital within 3 days - so did not have long to worry. Or so I thought....