Having postponed my DEXA scan (assesses or measures bone density) in September as I was due to start chemo, I finally had this a couple of weeks ago. I now have osteoporosis due to the dramatic weight loss. I have to say I wasn’t surprised having been diagnosed with osteopenia some years ago. My GP called me to let me know and will be prescribing calcium and vitamin D tablets. However, the usual medication for osteoporosis is not suitable for me given my sub total gastrectomy. He is referring me to a metabolism specialist to discuss and agree a treatment/management plan. The likelihood is I will be given injections rather than oral medication. 

Whilst some may feel that life is throwing a whole bunch of crap their way - 

*I will have to stop running around as if I fall I am likely to break a hip or wrist.

*I will always have to eat little and often and will probably never enjoy food the way I used to.

*I will struggle to maintain my weight.

*I will be on medication for life. 

*The chances of cancer returning still remain fairly high


* I am grateful that I am still here and have a life to live.

*I have survived diagnosis and treatment for stomach cancer

*I feel well

*I have a wonderful supportive family and a great bunch of friends

*I have many adventures and events planned

I can’t change what has happened to me but I can decide how I view it. I choose to be upbeat and positive!