Bertie Bassetts Journey through AML

We were on a much needed holiday when we got our first clue that all was not well. Bert had had Bronchitis all through our holiday and against his better judgement he went to see the Dr the day we were due to fly home. The Dr in Turkey was amazing done loads of tests and told us after only 45 mins we were told that his white cell count was really low at 1.2 and that we were to see a Dr on our arrival home. He was admitted on the 15th of September and we were given the diagnosis on the 18th the day after his 56th birthday. His count dropped rapidly to 0.1 in a couple of days but then stopped at that. The Dr had told us that his chemo would start the following week. However she changed her mind, and sent him home after 2 weeks of antibiotics, antifungals and antivirals, which was just as well as I developed Laryngitis and a chest infection. I was amazed that he never got any infection. We went to the out patient clinic 2 weeks later and were told he was stable to come back in 2 weeks. on our return we were told he had to be admitted on Mon 2nd Nov despite the fact that his blood was still stable and he was to be starten on Chemo on Tue 3rd. The 1st lot of chemo mad him look dreadful I was not expecting that. However, he did look a little better the next day although he was very breathless and had tracking up his arm where the chemo had been put in. But all of that turned out to be ok. Here we are on day 4 gutted to find out that his brothers are not match for Bone Marrow, that left him feeling very upset and down in the dumps. So we will see what tomorrow brings Goodnight
  • hi teri, i dont seem to come on the site much now dad is home but glad to see your keeping us all updated with bert. My dad has finished all his chemo and is out of hospital. or so we thought, seems he has to have chemo tablets as maintainence therapy for 6 months and they are making him very ill. He said his skin feels like its burning his eyes are sore and like bert cant hardly walk anywhere and aches all over. His still also very weak and very frustrated, seems like a long slog before they return to normal. I hope berts bronchitis and c diff get better soon as if he hasnt been through enough. Does bert have to take any more tablets at all as we thought it would be all over now? shelley. x

  • Hi just to let everyone know things are still much the same as they have been, C diff seems to have settled but not stopped although  I think the infection has gone but he still has diarrhoea several times a day. Bronchitis , he has been given an inhaler to try and settle that. he ihas been  quite down for a couple of days but hopefully that will pass . I suspect he is frustrated at not being able to do much. He is still very weak and still staggers about like a drunk man.

    Nothing muce else to report

    Take care


  • Bert had his Bone Marrow Biopsy done on Thursday so all fingers and toes crossed. 3 weeks for results


  • Better blood results this week so things are looking up apart from the C Diff and Bronchitis no change.

    Bert is still quite weak and tired and cannot understand why!!!

    Next appointment on Thursday.


  • Hi Teri!

    Sorry to see that Bert has been having such a rough wonder he is feeling so weak and tired as he really has been taking quite a battering recently.  Glad to hear that his blood results have picked up though.

    Sending you lots of love and warm wishes...and heres hoping that Bert can shake off the Bronchitis and C Diff soon and begin to feel better xxx