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trapped wind after keyhole surgery

No. of entries: 5 | Posted on 5 Sep 2009 6:38 PM

trapped wind after keyhole surgery

  • Hi there,
    I had my right kidney removed on Tuesday through keyhole surgery and need to go back to have the left one removed in a few months time,the worst thing about the post op for me was the trapped wind in my shoulder and chest,and i actuall found myself crying in pain, any suggestions for the next time?
    Many thanks
    Leigh xx
  • I sympathise Leigh, I suffered from dreadful trapped wind after both my lymph node dissection and my hysterectomy, which not even the morphine would touch... different kind of pain I'm led to believe. I was given "wind cocktails", but can't they they helped much. A good tr*mp is what you need, if only the wind would go that way!!

  • Yes Leigh this is performed after introducing a gas into the chest or abdomen to expand the area that the surgeon can see. After the proceedure the gas is left in the cavity. It eventually permeates out through the skin but if you sit up the gas pools at the top of the chest causing pain - you should have been advised to lay flat for 24 hrs or so ! Hope you are feeling better soon. Jools (ex Operating Theatre Nurse LOL) xxxx
  • thank you both for your help,i will hopefully be better in a better position the next time (lying down hopefully) and this might not happen to me again. A friend also suggested peppermint oil mixed with warm water but i dont know if the nurses would have time to get me warm water
    Leigh xx
  • Hi Leigh

    Glad to hear that you are up and about enough to be on this site after such a short time and that it appears the op went well?

    My DH had this for the whole 3 weeks he was in after surgery and was told by a physio to rock. Holding stomach either on all fours or just sitting and rock (a bit like they tell you in labour) Hard going but it does seem to help disperse it!

    Good to here you made it over this hurdle! Take care